Teen Therapy

I have the pleasure and honor to work with teens quite a bit. I really enjoy them!

Teenage years are the very essence of change – During this time period, there’s little about them that is not changing and, while these times can be thrilling and exciting, they are often very confusing and overwhelming. Teens are faced with shifting social norms, values, responsibilities, rapidly developing brains, and hormones, all at once. It often seems that every time they figure out and categorize a part of their life, it has changed again. Teens years have the potential to be a rich and fulfilling period, and can also be very difficult with higher rates of anxiety, depression, destructive behaviors, and suicidal thoughts.

These days, Teenagers talk with me a lot about their growing sense of hopelessness with the current state of the world. And it is very clear to me that many increasingly turn to drugs and alcohol and increased social media in order to numb this anxiety and worry. Teens and young adults are the next builders of societies. It is of tremendous importance to support them find their own unique best possible paths. As well as exploring their personal narrative and life story, I create space for processing their views and ideas, and build solution minded approaches so that they have clear ways in which they can participate in the solutions with which to face these times. Part of staying engaged with creating hope for their future is in exploring their possible contribution to social change movements, and thinking of career choices that speak to them deeply, rather than choices that may fit “the mold”. These times call for our teens to be part of the solution to world affairs. 

I emphasize with teens the value and self care inherent in having deep satisfying relationships with their peers, and adults they trust. I aim to support and encourage teens' growing sense of independence. We do this a number of ways; the clarification of cause and effect evidenced by their past and present choices, and what this means for their future. I see every day how much teens benefit from Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and incorporate those quite a bit in the therapy. They’ll have a safe environment to explore the world of options available to them, and learn to truly step into their identity with confidence and compassion for self and others, regardless of the challenges they face, be it a learning disability, anxiety/depression, sensory-integration issues, or trauma.

Each teen’s therapy is unique to her and may include any combination of short-term solutions-based individual therapy, parental support therapy, or teen/parent therapy. I work collaboratively with the teen to establish goals for themselves, and to engage them in their therapy journey.

I’d be happy to meet and support you supporting your teen become the best they can be. If you’d like to learn more about me and my approach, I encourage you to visit my about section HERE. To schedule your first meeting and consultation, contact me HERE.

Areas of Expertise

  • Anxiety


  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Gender Expression

  • Impulse Control issues

  • Life transitions

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

  • Sexual Orientation/Education

  • School-related challenges

  • Social challenges

  • Trauma

  • Tics and Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors

Services Offered

  • Solution focused, depth therapy with couples, individuals, children and teens

  • Exposure

  • Behavioral assessment in the home

  • IEP consultation and attendance

  • Behavior Treatment plans

  • School observation, consulting with teachers

Services for Families are also available. For more information, click HERE.