What do you wish to create with that mind of yours?

I hold the vision that it’s possible for every person, regardless of the age, to be their best Unique Self. To do so, it’s helpful for clients to be related to with this vision, supported to imagine it for themselves, and practice the steps leading to implementation.

Individuals seeking therapy often have been feeling a level of dissatisfaction with one or more aspects of their life. Or simply sense that there is more to themselves and their life they wish to discover and express...This is where we meet. In our work together, we’ll explore thought patterns and behaviors that promote dissatisfaction and, once identified, we’ll replace them with affirming patterns that pave the way for you to create your life more consciously. Shortly after our work begins, you’ll likely experience an increase in energy, and I view this energy as potential. You’ll become awakened to a potential that is always there, though it was likely obstructed by stress, trauma, and relational challenges. You’ll channel this potential into productive and creative endeavors that, one step at a time, will lay the groundwork for lasting change.

Psychological and spiritual maturation is a process whereby you identify your needs and desires, aspirations, and service possibilities, and use this new-found potential to breathe new life into them. You’ll notice with active engagement your relationships with others and, most importantly, with yourself, transform. Through this transformation, your career, hobbies, and creative projects will bask in new light as well...

When sitting with you, I track what you are identifying as important, and what no longer serves you. We'll gage progress by how you are coming along in your goals, and how alive and satisfied you feel. I firmly stand by a therapeutic process that combines a Solution-Focused approach together with components of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Somatic Psychology, Humanistic, and Neuro Shaping.

Here are some issues of interest I work with and have specialized training:

  • Gender Roles Exploration

  • Oppression Reconciliation

  • Giftedness

  • Parenting experience

  • Anxiety and Depressive States

  • OCD

  • Autism Spectrum

  • Tourette’s

  • Trauma

  • Creative Blocks

  • Spiritual Maturation

  • Relationship, intimacy


For many, intimate couple relationships are at the core of the experience of life enjoyment. While couple relationships can be deeply rewarding and fun, often after the initial “honeymoon” phase of a relationship, couples find themselves becoming stuck in emotional patterns that dampen the sense of fulfillment in relationship. This phase can lead to escalating conflict and disillusion about the intimacy’s future. This is a potent turning point for a relationship; it’s at this time that conflict and dissatisfaction can be explored and worked through, and transform to the next level of growth and intimacy. For others, beginning a relationship with an exploration of mutual aspirations and goals within a therapeutic context can set the stage for creating a satisfying journey together.

In therapy with a couple, I align with them to get clarity on visions and aspirations. We explore how the social gender programming impacts how they relate to each other; the set of beliefs and assumptions and expectations they have gathered along the way that may or may not, serve the relationship best. We explore how each partner functions in the world. I see a satisfying and fulfilling aspect of intimate relationships being about each partner supporting the other shine. In order to get there, partners have to understand, respect, and value the differences each bring in the coming together. One of the greatest point of tension I witness in couples I work with, is the expectation in each partner that the other one behaves and functions as they do from simple things such as loading the dishwasher to communicating uncomfortable emotions.

Yes, we will dig the past a bit and understand attachment imprints, and explore behaviors and thinking/emotional patterns that are sticky. We may do some trauma focused healing. A good amount of focus is directed toward fostering positive communication that diffuses reactivity, builds responsibility and deepens intimacy. Exploring how building compassion and understanding of each other’s triggers and sensitivities can support the appreciation each partner’s qualities, and enhance the relationships rather than dampen it, is also at the core of Couples Therapy. From an evolutionary perspective, we explore how gender relations operate within the couple whether it be heterosexual or same-sex, or some other variation.

I specialize and have training in working with the following couple experiences/challenges:

  • Same sex couples, alternative couples and relationship configurations, Attachment, Conflict Resolution, Interracial, Parenting, Life Transitions, Sexual Intimacy and Satisfaction.

I integrate the following modalities:

  • Emotionally Focused Therapy

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Solution-Focused Therapy

  • Existential and Narrative Therapies

  • Mindfulness

  • Somatic Experiencing