I support your child excel at being who they naturally are.

Children share much with me about their inner life. It’s quite a privilege. I am thankful to be entrusted with such a precious role as being their therapist. Children feel the unsettling nature of these times, and they tend to internalize the tensions, which leads to feeling off balance. I notice how increasingly, children present with neurological variations that are “newer” than what I was seeing 5 years ago. From an evolutionary perspective, this is fascinating.

I begin my work with children by first meeting with parents. I learn the story of the child’s life and track how various significant experiences interacting with the uniqueness of the child may have contributed to the current situation. After evaluation and discussion, I offer an overview of the approach to alleviate symptoms and restore balance. Once our sessions begin, I like to stay engaged with parents so as to monitor progress, and transfer some of the tools and new ways your child is learning in office.

I keep some of these questions in mind while working with children:

  • Who is this child?

  • How does this child learn?

  • What is she/he/they striving to express in their lives?

  • What is getting in the way of them being their best Self?

  • How can I, and other people in her/his/their life, support this child make sense of, and thrive in their schooling, friends, family, hobby, and health and well-being experience?

In supporting children reach emotional regulation, and to free up their mind; I encourage them to be curious about themselves, about who they are and how they function. I support them think “big” about themselves, and the capacity of their brain. Sessions almost always include a combination of teaching and applying Mindfulness skills, education on feelings and emotions, and on how the mind/body connection happens and manifests. It’s important to me that the child feel respected, valued, and honored, and that their experience of feeling off balance be clarified and remediated.

Every week I work with children who present with:

Anxiety Disorders, Aggression, Depression, Grief, Giftedness, Different Learners, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, phobias, Separation Anxiety, Sleep issues, Transgender, and children on the Autism Spectrum. 

Services Offered:

  • Solution focused, depth therapy, play therapy with art

  • IEP consultation and attendance

  • Behavior Treatment plans

  • Parenting Support, coaching

  • School observation, consulting with teachers

  • School fit exploration and recommendation

Solutions-Focused Approach

A solutions-focused approach is often more direct than play therapy, though most often the two are used together – especially in situations where a child is anxious, is overcome with a phobia, or has suffered some form of trauma. Cognitive Behavioral, Exposure with Response Prevention, and Mindfulness practices are taught to the children to support them in learning coping skills and build empowerment over their struggles. These practices address nervous system dysregulation, which often surfaces with symptoms of anxiety such as OCD, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and ADD/ADHD. Children who adopt these practices early find themselves better equipped to deal with obstacles and struggles with the future, and gain a solid foundation with which to face the daily challenges found in various social situations.

Play Therapy Approach

Play Therapy is an appropriate and very efficient form of therapy for children. Children naturally engage with the world and express themselves through creative play. Themes, character choice, and specific storylines offer a wealth of information about a child’s past and present experiences, as well as their thoughts about the future. While many children struggle to verbally express their stories, most are able to comfortably express it through play. Each therapy sessions with children, and teens, will include a component of play in order to put the fun into therapy! Learn more about Play Therapy HERE.