Therapy for Children

I begin my work with children and teens by first meeting with the parents. I believe it is beneficial to view presenting problem from all sides, and parental viewpoint is often the best place to begin. Through a series of questions I learn the story of the child’s life and track how various significant experiences may have contributed to or created the current situation. After careful evaluation and discussion, I then make a clinical recommendation to outline the best treatment for your child.

This treatment will be unique to each case and may include any combination of short-term solutions-based individual therapy, parental support therapy, or child/parent therapy. I work collaboratively with parents to determine what they are hoping to achieve and how we as a team can provide the best and most lasting care for their child.

Every week I work with several children and teens struggling with:

Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Grief, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Sleep issues, and trauma. I also work with children and teens on the Autism Spectrum. 

Services Offered:

  • Solution focused, depth therapy

  • Behavioral assessment in the home

  • IEP consultation and attendance

  • Behavior Treatment plans

  • Parenting Support, coaching

  • School observation, consulting with teachers

*Therapy offered in English and French

Solutions-Focused Approach

A solutions-focused approach is often more direct than play therapy, though most often the two are used together – especially in situations where a child is anxious, is overcome with a phobia, or has suffered some form of trauma. Cognitive Behavioral, Exposure with Response Prevention, and Mindfulness practices are taught to the children to support them in learning coping skills and build empowerment over their struggles. These practices address nervous system dysregulation, which often surfaces with symptoms of anxiety such as OCD, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and ADD/ADHD. Children who adopt these practices early find themselves better equipped to deal with obstacles and struggles with the future, and gain a solid foundation with which to face the daily challenges found in various social situations.

Play Therapy Approach

Play Therapy is an appropriate and very efficient form of therapy for children. Children naturally engage with the world and express themselves through creative play. Themes, character choice, and specific storylines offer a wealth of information about a child’s past and present experiences, as well as their thoughts about the future. While many children struggle to verbally express their stories, most are able to comfortably express it through play. Each therapy sessions with children, and teens, will include a component of play in order to put the fun into therapy! Learn more about Play Therapy HERE.

Services for Families are also available. For more information, click HERE.