We Are in the Midst of Transformative Times


We are in the midst of transformative times. Every day, how we choose to live our lives has an immediate impact on the planet, our family members, our neighbors, ourselves. We must make waking up and healing a priority in order to sustain the waves of change that are necessary in order to shift these times. The political, racial, environmental, and economic climate we are currently facing demand that in our own unique ways, we contribute in creating a much better world. For us all.

Weekly, I sit with children, couples, families, and individuals who are feeling deeply impacted by the collective stresses and unrest. The undoing we are witnessing in the media is also taking place in families, in work places, and amongst relationships. Teenagers ask me what is the point in planning for a future, and are seriously questioning the motives of adults in their lives. Couples are deeply engaged in uncovering and re-evaluating gender dynamics. Little children ask me about Trump. Individuals feel isolated and alone, racing against the clock…We are all impacted. And this impact compiles on our genetics predispositions, and relational contributions to experience of anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses and malaises.

As I sit with clients these days, I take extra care in holding the reality of the impact of our current times on mental health and well-being. I am so inspired to support clients resolve the conflicts within themselves so that they can be the best they can be, whether they are 42 or 3. Because who we are ripples into the world…If you, your child, or your relationship is suffering, and is in need of help, come on over, and we will support healing in you, and the world. And if you are feeling pretty good about yourself, and your relations, and want to soar to next heights, come on over also, we’ve got some magic to do!