Where are you at?

Where are you at with your experience of yourself, of the world, your partner, your child? What speaks to you? What may be screaming at you? Or what may you be screaming at others? What do you need? What is precious to you? What is old and outdated? What is asking to be born?

Pause. Go in. Discover what is in you, yearning to be acknowledged and honored. It's a simple gift to offer yourself, in the in-between-moments amidst all you do. Then, when you hear something, let it ripple, let it move, like a snake sliding through its shedding skin. There is no need to make "it" happen. Set your intention to listen to what is revealed, smile at it, hold it as if you were holding the sweetest of newborn, newborn hope. Love what speaks to you, and keep on loving it, and the next steps will reveal themselves. Effortlessly. Yes, there is no "work" involved in expressing your sweet, deep creative longings. Only the next step. Simply. 

Listen...What are you ready for?