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Mariefrance Cote, LMFT. Therapy Marin County, CBT, Solution-focused, emotion-focused coping skills. Psychotherapy for adults, teens, and children with anxiety, depression, sleep, OCD, and school challenges. Relationship expert. The therapy approach of Mariefrance Cote, LMFT is warm, caring, and engaged.

OCD, Exposure, and seeing Clients in "public".

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Posts that offer insights, suggestions, and parenting tips to create well-being and harmony for children, teens, and adults with anxiety and relationship issues. Learn more about OCD, solution and emotion-focused coping strategies.


OCD, Exposure, and seeing Clients in "public".

Mariefrance Cote


When thinking about my "first" post on this new version of my practice website, what keeps coming to mind and heart is my fascination with OCD, the wonders of Exposure Therapy, and lately, my experience of seeing clients outside of the office, in the big world "out there". So, this is a place holder for when I can sit down for a chunk of time, and get into these topics. For now, it's on to doing therapy! Check back.