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Mariefrance Cote, LMFT. Therapy Marin County, CBT, Solution-focused, emotion-focused coping skills. Psychotherapy for adults, teens, and children with anxiety, depression, sleep, OCD, and school challenges. Relationship expert. The therapy approach of Mariefrance Cote, LMFT is warm, caring, and engaged.


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Posts that offer insights, suggestions, and parenting tips to create well-being and harmony for children, teens, and adults with anxiety and relationship issues. Learn more about OCD, solution and emotion-focused coping strategies.


I Learn from You

Mariefrance Cote

I am in the position, in my vocation, of supporting growth and change, and even of offering teachings and learnings, to be taken or not; it's really up to the client to choose. I am also in the position to receive, and I do. Very Much. I have the fortune of sitting with children and teens, mothers and fathers, women, and men, couples, and even dogs at times. The stories are unique, poignant, inspiring, and often heart-breaking. What they all have in common is the reflection of the sensitivity of the nervous system, the great need for love and attachment. I work with that, and I am lucky for it. 

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Where are you at?

Mariefrance Cote

Where are you at with your experience of yourself, of the world, your partner, your child? What speaks to you? What may be screaming at you? Or what may you be screaming at others? What do you need? What is precious to you? What is old and outdated? What is asking to be born?

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